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Published on: September 22, 2011

Recently, I interviewed Cecilia Dalzell, the Instructional Design Librarian from the Arnold Bernhard Library, to get the latest scoop on their new live chat tool and beneficial information on the tools and resources, such as their new e-book service, ebrary, available for online faculty.

Kim : Your position at the library is a unique one, in that your position is called “Instructional Design Librarian”, may I ask what this position entails?

Cecilia : I love this position because it involves using both librarianship and instructional technology to support learning, especially of information literacy.  Specifics of the job include investigating how new technologies can be used to improve library services, creating University Theme and Event Guides to integrate in-class, outside-class, and information literacy learning, maintaining the Arnold Bernhard Library internal website, assisting students and faculty at the Bernhard Library reference desk, and along with Christine Taylor of the Law Library, maintaining the Innovative Interfaces system that powers the libraries’ catalog.

Kim: We have faculty teaching online courses that our on-campus and some that are off-campus. What can I tell the off-campus faculty about resources available to them from the library and staff?

Cecilia: Our website, databases, and e-books are available from anywhere, any time.  I have to mention that it’s necessary to use the library site on MyQ *and* log into Citrix to have full access from off campus.  During service hours, library staff can assist by telephone, e-mail, and now by chat.  Ronda Kolbin is the public services librarian who specializes in working with online faculty and students, although we all are glad to assist with research questions.  Ronda has recently begun offering short webinars on research topics.

Here is a list of the webinars Ronda is offering: online library webinars

Kim: I’ve noticed that there is something new on the Arnold Bernhard Library page, “Live Chat”. Why was live chat introduced?

Cecilia: We wanted to extend our research help beyond the reference desk in the Arnold Bernhard Library, especially to students off campus and at the York Hill campus.  We also wanted to find a simple communication method that did not require users to download anything and that is familiar to most students.

> Access Quinnipiac’s ABL Live Chat

Kim:  When was live chat introduced?
Cecilia: We piloted the service in December, 2010 and decided to continue offering live chat.

Kim: Do many users use it?
Cecilia: So far, users are still discovering it.

Kim: And what type of questions are they asking?
Cecilia: Most of the questions have been about how to find a particular book or article.  Librarians can also suggest databases, search terms and strategies, tutorials, and help with citations.

Kim: Are there other technologies or tools that faculty should be aware for themselves and for their online students?
Cecilia: Yes, RefWorks help you manage and format citations.  I like the way it allows you to select and load citation information from databases, then deals with the details of formatting citations in the various styles, freeing you to concentrate on your content and analysis when writing a paper.  Links to RefWorks are located on the MyQ ABL home page in the lower right of the center section.

> Learn more about RefWorks

We’ve recently added a new e-book service, ebrary.  It has a wide selection of academic books online, and you can save books of interest to a personal bookshelf, highlight, annotate, and copy and paste quotations into other documents (complete with the citation!).  You can find the ebrary link in any of the database lists in the MyQ ABL site.

And take a look at the Library Guides, accessible from a link in the left menu of the MyQ ABL site.  These are guides to subjects, course-related resources, university themes, and major events.

> Learn more about Library Guides

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